Solving homelessness by engaging the private, for-profit real estate community.

For people experiencing homelessness, affordable housing options are scarce.  Our Landlord Participation Program is designed to address this issue by facilitating a landlord’s ability to make residential rental units more widely available to this vulnerable population.  It is a common-sense approach that acknowledges the social and economic concerns of landlords.  So, how does it work? 

We select innovative organizations that provide services to people experiencing homelessness to become Sponsoring Organizations.  It is the Sponsoring Organizations that both identify individuals (“Sponsored Residents”) who are ready for placement in a rental home and provide the social services necessary to make the placement a success. The Lotus Campaign provides the funding required to facilitate the placement. 

Meanwhile, our team identifies landlords (“Participating Landlords”) who want to work with us.  In exchange for accepting a Sponsored Resident into their community, the Participating Landlord generally receives a participation payment and guarantees against loss of rent or damages to the residential unit.

In simple terms, the Lotus Campaign brings together the Participating Landlords and the Sponsoring Organizations to do what they do best. The landlords provide housing, the organizations provide social services, and the Lotus Campaign provides the economic support to make it happen. Best of all, the Sponsored Resident gets a home.



Once we build momentum, we plan to invest in, rehabilitate, and build properties for people experiencing homelessness.

The fastest and least expensive way to get someone into a home is to open up accessibility to existing units. But, unfortunately, there simply are not enough units. We plan to invest in housing opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and in workforce housing.

The Lotus Campaign will provide capital to facilitate the production of units available to those experiencing homelessness. Lotus funds will be used to supplement private investment capital, equity or debt, to make housing projects not only available, but economically viable. This work may involve rehabilitation of existing housing units or the development of new units.

Finally, the Lotus Campaign will provide advice and support to cities looking to engage the private, for-profit real estate sector by setting up Landlord Participation Programs and development opportunities; will provide funding for public education programs on homelessness; and will sponsor research on new construction technologies to streamline and significantly reduce the time and cost of providing each new unit of housing.

If you are interested in learning more about our plans for the coming years, please contact for gerneral information.  If you are interested in learning how you might participate as an investor, please contact



We need to partner with landlords and organizations to make this happen.

The Lotus Campaign is just one piece of the puzzle, the one that funds the Landlord Participation Program. Are you a landlord or nonprofit organization assisting people experiencing homelessness? Get in touch by signing up for updates below.