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Increasing the availability of housing for people experiencing homelessness by engaging the for-profit sector as partners in the solution.



The number of people experiencing homelessness in the United States on any given night. And the number keeps growing.


housing IS A Challenge

Residential units available to people experiencing homelessness are in short supply. Not only is there a shortage of affordable rental units in virtually every market in the country, but many private, for-profit landlords have been reluctant to accept residents who are homeless because of real and perceived costs and risks.

BUT there is another way

We believe any solution to homelessness requires that we leverage the power of the private, for-profit real estate community. Our approach has three components:


First, our Landlord Participation Program is designed to incentivize landlords to lease to people experiencing homelessness by providing an upfront participation payment. We also guarantee against loss of rent and damages, and ensure that the residents receive social services.

Next, we plan to increase the supply of units available to those experiencing homelessness by investing in both existing and to-be-built properties using a combination of Lotus Campaign funds and private debt and equity.

Finally, we intend to provide advice and education to cities, counties, government agencies, and non-government organizations on how they can work with private, for-profit developers, owners, and investors to better address the issue of homelessness.

The challenge of homelessness is too pervasive for the government and nonprofit housing providers to solve on their own. To have a chance, we must engage the private, for-profit real estate and investment communities, with their vast resources and expertise, in the solution. We believe our pragmatic, economic approach will accomplish just that.


Will you help us end homelessness? 
Every dollar helps place people into housing.


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